A Message from Heather

I have no doubt about what my life’s work truly is. Even when I cannot see clearly out ahead of me, I know that I can trust my inner guidance to lead me safely on my truest path. Here is a little story about just that.

When I was nineteen years old, I was camping out at the end of Long Island, NY, in Montauk at Ditch Plains. The beach was empty but for my friend and I, so early one morning, I took a luxurious walk along the water, with a long stick in hand. As I walked, I found myself writing in the sand. It wasn’t conscious thinking, but more like a journal entry, instead scribed on the shore’s edge. As I continued walking and writing, I saw that what I was creating was an outline, much like I had learned to do in school. The sun was warm, the water cool, and the words were gently flowing. This went on for quite a while and when I looked back to where I had started out, my camp was no longer in view. I sat down for a while and allowed my thoughts to drift, and on my return, I was reading (in reverse) what I had just written. Enough time had passed that when I arrived back at my starting point, the tide had already begun to wash away my words, so I decided to write them down on paper and titled them How To Create a Happy Life. When I returned home, I put the outline in an envelope and mailed it off to a dear friend who had been struggling, thinking it might help her to feel hopeful.

Leaping forward thirty-five years, to the time my book, Take the Leap, was published, I received a letter in the mail from that same friend. She said that she had been going though her old things and came upon my outline and thought I might like to read it again. Needless to say, I was thrilled! As I read through the pages, my body began vibrating, amazed at what I was reading. Page by page, it was a reflection of the essential elements of Take the Leap, that I had carried within me throughout the years, living, experiencing and refining the ideas along my life’s path.

Now, I offer to you, my treatise on How To Create a Happy Life, in book form. I hope you find yourself in these pages and discover how important it is to create a life that you truly love and be bold enough to Take the Leap.

xo, sign


Take the LEAP

Somewhere along the timeline of our lives, there are questions that we must ask ourselves, thought likely as we were growing up, many of us were never encouraged to do so. If we desire to create a life that we love, we first must begin by taking an honest look at what we have been doing and be willing to ask ourselves, "Am I genuinely happy? Am I creating time for myself to do things that I enjoy, time to think and reflect, and time to feel creative and at ease? Or am I just going through the motions of awakening each day, madly running from home to work and back again, only to get up and repeat the whole thing the very next day?"

Life was not designed to be a series of troublesome lessons or a process of simply surviving one day after the next. We were not born into these bodies only to be driven by hardship and struggle. Rather, we came here to experience the joy of expressing our creatively beautiful, spiritual Essence in all that we do. We need to understand that we were born with our own unique gifts, and as we embrace and express those talents and abilities, we will begin to travel on a pathway of our own design, one creatively enriched by the choices we make.

When we choose to take the leap into living our own lives, it is then that we may begin to live joyously, embracing our true life’s purpose, and share our creative Genius out into the world.

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Ce la   Puoi Fare!

Take the Leap (Italiano) — Much to my great joy, Take the Leap has also been published in Italian. My daughter gave me a fabulous suggestion: I could learn to speak Italian by reading both the English and Italian versions side by side. Genius!

I am looking forward to traveling to Italy and doing a small book signing tour, but no doubt, I will still require my pocket translation book to help me along my path.

Buona Giornata!

Ce La Puoi Fare! — Per mia grande gioia, Take the Leap è stato pubblicato anche in Italiano. Mia figlia mi ha dato un favoloso consiglio: potrei imparare a parlare l’Italiano leggendo la versione Inglese e quella Italiana del libro contemporaneamente. Geniale!

Non vedo l’ora di visitare l’Italia e offrire un piccolo tour di presentazione del libro, ma senza dubbio avrò comunque bisogno del mio dizionario tascabile per cavarmela.

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Praise for Take the Leap

Finding Bits and Pieces of Myself throughout the pages of this wonderful work of art. Such insight into herself and her life which in turn, leads Heather to show others a lighted pathway to their own peace, excitement, love and joy of the simple and not so simple things of everyday life. Thank you so much Heather! Can't wait for the project! — By Becky Culveron

Must Read!!! I am reading this book now for the 2nd time and also applying what I have read to my life. I LOVE this book... you must read...it is definitely changing my way of thinking and lifestyle. I have read plenty of "self help" books and this tops them all!! — By Allene Weston

A Beautiful Read! I have read very deep authors and topics... and this book rates up with them all! It was easy reading, put into the simplest of understanding, in a way that kept you smiling and not wanting to put it down. It read like poetry! Very beautiful! Very inspiring!! Very spiritual!! I wish I had read it before the Holidays! I would have bought one for a lot of loved ones on my list! Thank you; I still smile and want to hold the book close to my heart! — By Sandy Fonzo

Heartfelt Treasure! I couldn't stop rereading... Such Loveliness full of Beautiful Motivation and Inspiration! One only has to read a few pages to realize this is a special gem to be cherished ~ so gentle so kind her words flow like Sunshine. — By Priscilla

Just What I Needed! I cannot tell you how this book has re-awakened the feelings deep in my soul. I have buried these for so many years and now having read Take the Leap, the desire I feel to pursue the life I was meant to live is burning bright within me. Throughout the book I felt as if Heather were looking into my soul and seeing exactly what I have lived and experiencen>Take the Leap has helped me in a way I can never repay! — By Orvetta Hill

I Have Begun My Journey once again and I must credit Heather for giving me the gentle shove I needed to step through the doorway to my future! I keep going back to Take the Leap and re-reading different passages and each time I read them I am reminded of the pure and simple beliefs I held as a child. I certainly know Take the Leap has helped me in a way I can never repay! I highly recommend this as a MUST read book for anyone who is looking to make their life better!! — Nonchalante

“Heather McCloskey Beck is a Spiritual Visionary. Read her books and feel your
life transform in amazing ways.”
Pat Benatar - Four-time Grammy winner and author of Between a Heart and a Rock Place