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Dr. Heather McCloskey Beck, depth-somatic therapist, intuitive energy healer, and life transitions coach, from the Los Angeles area, invites you to join her on an epic journey into personal freedom and wholeness, as she leads you on a path to create an inspired life fueled by creativity, passion, and purpose. Perhaps you have felt a deep longing to discover what that inspired life might feel like, if only you knew how to make it happen.

Guided by Heather’s powerful coaching and diverse therapeutic healing practices, you will learn to heal your own heart and liberate your soul, actively walking into your own strength, power, and personal presence. Would you like to be the boss of your own life, knowing that no one else gets to live your life but you? Would you like to live with confidence, courage, and commitment, as the creative designer of your own life?

As way-shower and intuitive guide, Heather will help you discover your talents and gifts, and assist you in creating a life that feels meaningful and inspired. There is a natural joy within you waiting to be released, a transformation of heart and soul poised to be awakened. Isn’t it time to allow yourself that creative freedom? Isn’t it time to Take the Leap into living a life that you truly love?

“Have you ever wondered what it would be like to feel happy and fulfilled, to live a life directed and guided by your own natural inclinations, your own creative interests, and personally impassioned ideas?”

Take the Leap, Heather McCloskey Beck


Inspirational Author & Speaker
Intuitive mentor & coach | Somatic Energy Healer
Teacher |Way-Shower | Alchemist
Musician | Poet |SCholar

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    Take the Leap

    Have you ever felt the stirrings of some deeper desire or sensed a hidden purpose residing within you, but couldn’t quite figure out what that might be? Take the Leap will guide you on your path to creating a life that you love.

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    Work with Heather

    Come experience Heather’s private sessions, group practices, online courses, retreats and workshops. One-to-one sessions are offered in a variety of dynamic healing modalities including metamorphic counseling and somatic energy healing.

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  • ink-pot

    Welcome to Heather’s essays, articles, blog entries, and inspired quotes. Here, I will share thoughts, feelings, and my philosophy about life, offering inspirations about personal growth, peace, creativity and calling, and lots of insight on how to create a life you love.

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