The Pathway To Becoming You,

The Pathway To Becoming You

December 12th 2018

Heather McCloskey Beck is a somatic energy healer, creativity/life coach, transformative speaker and author, living in southern California. Heather combines diverse healing modalities based on your personal needs and the vision you have for your life. Facilitate deep, personal transformation and somatic healing through deep healing to invite life-affirming qualities of self-love and awareness into your heart and soul, while releasing patterns and thoughts that limit growth. If you are prepared to embrace change in amazing and creative ways, why don’t you Take the Leap and consider booking private healing sessions with Heather, or sign up for her online courses/group classes. Continue reading for a glimpse at the loving, inspired approach Heather takes in her own life and in her work with others.


Have You Ever Wondered what it would be like to feel happy and fulfilled, to live a life directed and guided by your own natural inclinations, your own creative interests, and personally impassioned ideas? Have you ever felt the stirrings of some deeper desire or sensed a hidden purpose residing within you, but couldn’t figure out what that might be? Perhaps you might recall an exuberant thrill that raced through you as a child, as you were immersed in doing something that fascinated you and held your focus! These interests or childhood fascinations are often indicators acting as signposts along our life’s path, telling us, “Go this way! This is where your path lies.” In fact, these messages are generated from our very own internal guidance system, keeping us aligned with doing what we are called to do, so that we may actually create a life that we truly love.

Within My Life, I have been drawn to experiences that made me feel joyful and inspired, which compelled me to discover those things that would expand my energetic self into an even more elevated state of exuberance. As a young girl, I had a profound desire to play musical instruments, sing, compose songs and write poetry. I discovered very early on, that while engaged in these creative activities, my sense of joy and wonder would increase significantly, and the more deeply I was immersed in what I was doing, the happier I became.

So, What Was It For You? What was it that made you lose all sense of awareness of your surroundings, so that you were streaming in your own private world of joy? Maybe you can recall the blissful feeling of building with your blocks or dressing your dolls, or the resonant warmth of your first musical note you played on the piano. You may have imagined yourself to be a knight in armor or a fairy princess; a great soccer player or a prima ballerina. Whether you were playing dress-up, making model cars or immersed within a colorful spectrum of imaginary games, you were uniquely inspired, though very likely, you never thought of it in this way. You were just a child, immersed in being a kid!

Life was simpler then. We didn’t have to think long and hard about what we wanted to do. Quite simply, we had the ability to just give it a try! We didn’t need lots of toys. All we had to do was imagine: imagine that we were parachuting from a plane into a lush, damp, rain forest or deep-sea diving off a tropical island, in search of hidden treasure. Our imaginations ran strong. We were highly inventive and always found a way to make our stories feel vibrantly believable, as we experienced the wonder and possibility of whatever adventure we had created for ourselves that day.

Have You Noticed Now, As An Adult, that it is the simple things in your life that seem to trigger those special memories of your childhood, that quietly resides within you? A warm brush of wind on your face might remind you of a time when you stood in awe, gazing out over the sparkling expanse of ocean. Perhaps a slanting ray of sunlight ignites a memory of how you had stared up into the sky, marveling at the architectural majesty of the skyscrapers that surrounded you in a similar light. Maybe it is a sweet melody that reminds you of your first piano lesson or a song that reminds you of your first kiss. How amazing that these small events can hold such power within them, to be able to ignite such compelling emotional responses within us.

“Did it ever occur to you that within these profound, yet simple, childhood pleasures, resided a hint of what you would deeply desire to do within your life as an adult?”

When we were children, most of us knew what we loved to do and found ways of doing it. We were passionate and playful, free to explore what interested us. But as we grew into adulthood, many of us discovered that our responsibilities grew and we began to feel the pressures of adult living. Do you ever feel that you are living at the speed of light; racing from home to work and back again, only to awaken to do the same thing the next day? What happened to your dreams of traveling the world, writing that book, or simply playing a round of golf or going to the theater, each week?

When We Don’t Do What We Love To Do, our lives have a way of running off-course and we often miss cues and taps on the shoulder that are meant to help us find our way. But life has a way of waking us up and redirecting us to where we are meant to go, if we are willing to listen. However, if we are not willing, those bumps and taps will increase in intensity, until we find ourselves being figuratively hit over the head! Hopefully, we will realize there is a message in all this for us, and begin to pay attention becoming willing listeners to what we need to do.

“We are meant to be a world of highly creative and inspired people; not a world that is traumatized and stressed into living lives that are tediously strained.”

I Want You To Know how important it is to figure out what makes your heart sing, and then for you to do that, every single day. The social enculturation that we were born into (our families, communities, schools, work environment, religious communities),often has trained us to believe that it is not responsible to think in these ways; but rather, that we should exclusively focus on taking care of business, rather than focusing on feeling fulfilled. These thoughts are highly challenging and cumbersome, serving to restrain us, holding us back from pursuing our personal interests and inclinations. Somewhere deep within each of us, we all yearn for a more creatively inspired life and to feel the joy that comes from doing what we love, without guilt, shame, or second thoughts.

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