Answering the Call to Living A Life that You Love,

Answering the Call to Living A Life that You Love

March 7th 2018

There is a freshness of being that is emerging within all of us. We are being urged to Leap into that which we have long ago forgotten, yet so dearly hunger for. When we look to our childhood, it is there that we may discover the clues that will lead us to our answers. It is when we identify and embrace the things that we love to do, actively engaging them on a daily basis, that we will feel a resonance warming us from within as we begin to allow it to guide us on our way.

Living a life that we love is a highly creative act, and yet we often find it to be an elusive challenge. We try to imagine ourselves happy and joyful, our days laced with an ease and comfort in all that we do. Yet, far too often, the images we conjure up in our mind are not compatible with the actual activities and routines that we carry out each day. We need to earn livings and many of us have children to care for. We have businesses to run, classes to attend, and somewhere in there, we need to get some exercise. There is an endless list of responsibilities to fulfill and at the day’s end, many of us are just too tired to think about anything else. So, how is it, we ask, that we might actually begin to create a life that we love, if we are not already living one?

In our quest for an answer, we may have forgotten that we each were born with our own unique Genius and a mission to craft a life that we would love, using that brilliance. This is the point: to enjoy our gifts and welcome the creative process of creating a life that holds meaning and value for us. The challenge is often that we are born into a family and world where we discover there were other pushes and pulls pressuring us, leaving many of us utterly unaware that we were ever Called to do anything specific at all! And so we ask, just what is this Calling, and if we truly have one, what might that be? 

When I was young, I often wondered what it was that ignited me to become awash in a symphony of sheer inspiration, compelling me to compose music and write poetry. What was it that thrilled me with the vibrations of my singing voice, and from what magical portal did my intense desire to play piano emerge, while only three years old? I wanted to know why I loved to put my hands into dirt, potting African violets or planting trees, and what was it that fascinated me about watching them grow. From where did these inner urgings originate? What was their truest source?

Calling is an internal directive of pre-encoded information, much like the messages carried within our DNA, designed to activate a compelling desire within us, leading us to express ourselves in our own unique way. Calling is that which reflects our intrinsic passions, serving to define our own unique nature and how we present ourselves within our world. When we feel a driving force that directs us to climb a mountain or gaze into a microscope, this is the gift of Calling, whispering in our ear. It is Calling that lights the way for us to discover our beautiful Genius, waiting to be tapped and brought out into the light of day.

When people are young, most often, they know what they love to do. Some feel the pull to become doctors, parents, or computer programmers, while others are inspired to be artists, tour guides, or business leaders. Sometimes, though, things happen in life that are not at all part of our childhood dreams, and we find ourselves traveling down alternate life pathways than those we had originally imagined. We all know that life can become complicated quickly and not necessarily of our own design, causing us to take pause and wonder, Is this all there is? And if we should find ourselves asking aloud, “What do I want to be when I grow up?” it’s a dead giveaway that we are searching for something to make our lives feel meaningful, but we just don’t know where to begin.

When we are in search of Calling, we are looking for a portal to appear: a doorway to open or a light to shine brightly, beckoning for us to boldly step into that luminescence and walk on through, into the practice of doing what it is we love to do within our daily lives. It is when we finally yield to this understanding, becoming attentive to answering our Call, that our lives will actually become a richly woven tapestry of our very own creation, as we resonantly fulfill our destiny, our true purpose for living.

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