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Heather McCloskey Beck is an inspirational author, speaker, musician, social activist, mentor-coach, somatic energy healer, and founder of the global peace movement, Peace Flash®. Dedicated to creating Dynamic Peace within our world, Heather is an inspirational keynote speaker and has a social media following which now exceeds one million people. Her most recent book, Take the Leap, teaches us how to create a life we truly love; a life that is creatively inspired, and aligned with our own unique Calling.

Heather has devoted her life to listening intently to her inner voice that has guided her along her life’s path. Not only has she developed her talents as a musician and writer, but has also studied within many healing modalities, and has a wonderful counseling and healing practice. Additionally, Heather is a poet, scholar, artist, and graduate student. To deepen her work to mastery levels, Heather is currently studying for her Ph.D. in Depth Psychology with a Somatics Specialization at Pacifica Graduate Institute. Here she is developing her own areas of scholarly expertise, creating unique healing modalities, while offering healing, mentoring, and training to others both privately, as well as in her workshops and retreats.

Now, as a mother of three grown children, Heather’s life is fully focused on offering her gifts to others and being in service within our world. She currently lives in southern California with her two sweet dogs, Blu and Teaka.


“I have lived in ardent pursuit of experiential knowledge, so that I might better understand the purpose of my life and the nature of who I am. A miraculous amalgamation of passion and biology was never answer enough. Intrinsically, I have always known it was much bigger than that.”

Take the Leap, Heather McCloskey Beck

Peace Communities

Peace Flash® and Sister Peace™ are my two international communities dedicated to creating Dynamic Peace™ within our world. Sister Peace™ will have upcoming, interactive projects that will benefit people and communities that are suffering undue stress and desperately need a pathway toward peace and well-being. Together, through our commitment and compassionate action, we will offer ways in which to create peace, sharing and holding that energy, together.

Dynamic Peace™ is the outward, creative expression of a beautiful idea, set into motion. By doing something that we love to do, we are inspired into action, thus fueling an experience of value and meaning within our lives. Peace Flash® and Sister Peace™ offer a fresh look at how to directly create peace within one’s self, and collectively, expanding the dynamic of peace out into our world. Understanding that we are each born with our own remarkable, creative flash of genius, Peace Flash shows us that there is a direct relationship between living our creative calling and the creation of peace. By actively engaging our natural talents and abilities within our daily lives, we will organically generate a deep and dynamic peace within ourselves. Then together, we may share our talents and personal peace with one another, thus expanding and enhancing our collective capacity to create peace within our world.

Mentor, Life Coach & Somatic Energy Healer

Heather is an experienced Metamorphic Energy Healer®, Mentor, Life Coach, Third Degree Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist, Yoga Practitioner, NLP Practitioner, Soul Music Catalyzer, Writing Coach, and Transformational Guide. Not only does she make use of all these varying modalities in her work with others, but she also offers training courses for her students to learn these unique and highly effective processes, many of which she has created, herself. If you are in search of personal life change, it is essential to integrate psyche, soma and spirit into the process.

The mind and body are not artificially separated and must be treated as a whole, living organism. Our emotions, our thoughts and long held memories are embedded deeply within into all the systems of our bodies.By combining intuition, Sight, dialogue that probes into the unknown parts of consciousness, embracing archetypal metaphor and story, then somatically anchoring the work within the body, massive, Metamorphic healing takes place, in an environment of safety, inspiration, attunement, and release. This healing practice, Metamorphic Energy Healing® was created by Heather, herself, and has swiftly transformed the lives of her clients in important ways.

If you would like to discover what it is that calls to you, inspires you, but feel held back and limited, Heather will help you identify what you desire to do and will guide you through her specially designed processes of releasing limitation, mediocrity, resistance and fear, instead replacing these qualities with confidence, commitment, self respect, and inspired action.

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Empowering Author & Speaker

Heather has been writing since she was in elementary school, when she first began writing journals, poetry, plays, while also composing songs and lyrics. A friend once asked her what would happen if she couldn’t write. Her response: “I would die.” Writing and music were woven into the fabric of her being, and Heather went on to win awards for her music, poetry, and prose. After writing her first memoir, she wrote a series of vignettes published as chapbooks. Soon after, Heather’s best-selling book, Take the Leap, was published, and now, while in the midst of her Ph.D. research and writing, she has two additional books in the publishing pipeline.

Becoming an inspirational speaker was a different story. Heather intuitively knew that this would be an important element of her life’s work, but the galloping horses in her chest made it hard for her to imagine being able to address thousands of people with any measure of comfort or command. Committed to following her inner directive, Heather spent several years training in public speaking, subsequently winning hundreds of awards. Now, Heather is a keynote speaker, exuberantly addressing audiences well into the thousands. Her courage and confidence have allowed Heather to dive into the deeper elements of how life stories are created, and is skilled at guiding her audience toward excavating their authentic selves, while identifying what works for them, and what needs to be released. Now, Heather inspires her audiences, offering a richly textured tapestry of language, metaphor, references and images, thus enriching the inspired content Heather is called to offer.

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Musician, Singer & Composer

When Heather was four years old, she begged her parents to let her have piano lessons. The problem was though, that they had no family piano. But that didn’t stop little Heather. She kept asking for the lessons and her parents kept reminding her that it wasn’t possible. After her final round of pleading, Heather fashioned a little cardboard keyboard, turned on the stereo with piano music, and began to plunk away on her self-made piano. Within one week, her parents brought an old player piano in through the front door, and that was the miraculous beginning she had passionately been waiting for.

Heather studied classical piano and flute, sang in the chorus and then taught herself to play acoustic guitar. She began composing symphony arrangements in elementary school and conducting the school orchestra when the teacher would allow. When she was thirteen, she moved onto to writing and performing pop folk songs. Throughout the years, Heather has performed in many wonderful clubs in New York, has written music for children and for film, and continues to record her music today. Heather’s music has served as a passionate Calling that has influenced and directed her life in deep and meaningful ways.

Heather will be releasing newly composed and recorded music that heals, relaxes and inspires, in the fall, 2019.

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“Heather McCloskey Beck is a Spiritual Visionary. Read her books and feel your
life transform in amazing ways.”
Pat Benatar - Four-time Grammy winner and author of Between a Heart and a Rock Place