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“Heather McCloskey Beck rocks a great life. She walks it, she talks it–she’s the real deal.”  

~ Colette Baron-Reid, bestselling author of The Map, CEO and Founder of The Invision Project


Go from thinking to doing – from imagining a new life to putting it into practice,
starting right now!

Inspirational author and speaker, Heather McCloskey Beck, wants you to know that there’s nothing more important than figuring out what makes your heart sing and doing that–every day. We’ve been trained to think it’s not “responsible” to think this way, that there are more important things to life than feeling fulfilled. Yet we yearn for a more creative, engaged life–to feel the rush that comes from doing what we love to do, without worry.

Beck, a popular Huffington Post columnist and creator of the global peace movement, Peace Flash, offers guidance, stories, and dozens of practical suggestions for how to take the leap into the kind of life you’ve always dreamed of. If you’ve forgotten what makes you tick, Heather will help you find out. If you know what it is but aren’t doing it, she’ll help you clear a path.

With Heather’s help, you can take the leap from thinking about what life would be like if you could do what you love to doing it. Starting with just 15 minutes. Today.


“Heather McCloskey Beck is a Spiritual Visionary.  Read her book and feel your life transform in amazing ways.”

~ Pat Benatar, four time Grammy winner and author of Between a Heart and a Rock Place

“A life changing book!” by K.E. Ledoux

“I read the book in just days! I used my 15 minutes each day to read this book and was inspired to start going after forgotten dreams. I signed up for a class that both terrifies and thrills me. I am creating the life of my dreams.It’s never too late.I am inspired and excited by Take The Leap! I am buying copies for my sisters and many friends. It is the perfect Christmas gift!”


“Eye-Opening!” by J. Faith

“Heather Beck shares her simple yet profound life-changing tools to leading a more fulfilled life. Reading her work inspired me to reflect on the dreams I had as a young girl, and to begin exploring them yet again. I could not put this book down and have recommended it to everyone I know!”


“Finding bits and pieces of myself….” by B. Culver

“Finding bits and pieces of myself throughout the pages of this wonderful work of art.  Such insight into herself and her life which in turn, leads Heather to show others a lighted pathway to their own peace, excitement, love and joy of the simple and not so simple things of everyday life. Thank you so much Heather! Can’t wait for the project!”


“Very insightful and beautifully written.” by Julian Kaufmann, Founder of Conducting Consciousness

“We were blessed to be able to read an advanced copy of this wonderful book by Heather McCloskey Beck. Take the Leap reminds us of why we are here and offers practical ways to reconnect with our guides thus expressing the unique genius that resides within us.”


“Wonderfully Inspirational” by J.A. Holland

“Heather McCloskey Beck’s book is so wonderful. Being a creative person at heart it has inspired me to go for my dreams. Ms. Beck shares great stories from her own life and puts the whole thing together beautifully. I highly recommend this book. It is a must on my nightstand. I know I will refer back to it often.”

Heather McCloskey Beck is an inspirational author and speaker, musician and founder of the global peace movement, Peace Flash. Dedicated to creating Dynamic Peace within our world, Heather is a columnist for The Huffington Post and frequently speaks to audiences across the United States, and is now expanding her reach internationally. With a growing following on her Facebook pages that has surpassed One Million fans, Beck offers both virtual and on-site workshops and events to inspire people to create lives they truly love. If you would like to connect with Heather, you can visit her at her Facebook pages.

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“Heather McCloskey Beck is a spiritual visionary. Read her book and feel your life transform in amazing ways.” 

-Pat Benatar, four-time Grammy winner and author of Between a Heart and a Rock Place