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Do you feel that you have gifts but don’t know what they are? Do you feel like you are heading in a new direction in your life, but don’t know how to actually get there? Do you have any other deeply important questions you would like to find answers to? Intuitive healer, Heather McCloskey Beck, can help you discover your gifts and guide you in your process of transformation, so that you may live an inspired and happy life.

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WALK IN STRONG: Healing the Heart, Liberating the Soul

Never before has it been more important for us, as women, to walk into our Strength, into our Power, into our Personal Presence.  Individually, we need to bring deep healing into our lives, and then collectively, share that healing out into our ailing world. We must dynamically learn to Walk In Strong for we are the way-showers of Love, Compassion and Peace. But first, we must learn to heal our own hearts and liberate our own souls. By learning to become The Boss of your own life, you will learn to walk with confidence, courage and commitment.


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From Caterpillar to Butterfly –  Breathing Life into Emerging You


I am offering a four-week class where I will assist you in releasing the limitations that hold you hostage, showing you how to create a life that feels creatively inspired, meaningful, and valuable. Moving beyond simply taking care of your responsibilities and commitments, you will learn to embrace your inner genius as you connect to your creative passions each and every day. Isn’t it time to discover what makes you feel joyful, impassioned, and whole?

The Details: Beginning on February 26th, 2018, for four weeks, you will receive an email from me, with the transformational topic for the week, complete with lessons, recordings, and practices to embrace. Each week, I will host a one-hour live conference call (which I will record for further listening), where I will teach my transformational process, then open up it up for Q & A. If you are interested in joining a safe, supportive process of personal transformation, don’t hesitate! 

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